Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Still on track and chugging along. This is basically becoming a mileage log for me. I have all the runs/rides in my planner and just been lazy about posting here.

Feb. 2nd = 4 miles / Indoor Trainer morning prior to Dr. Bob
Feb. 3rd = 3.1 miles / Run outdoors / mist-rain
Feb. 4th = 3 miles / Indoors on Trainer.15 min.
Feb. 5th = 3 miles / Indoors on Trainer.15 min.
Feb. 6th = 3 miles / Indoors on Trainer.15 min.
Feb. 7th = 3.1 miles / Outdoor run
Feb. 8th = 4.5 miles / Outdoor run
Feb. 9th = 3 miles / Indoors on Trainer.15 min.
Feb. 10th = 6 miles / Morning Indoors on Trainer.
Feb. 11th = 4 miles / Morning Indoor Trainer Boring..about 20mins.
Feb. 12th = 12 miles / Indoor Morning Trainer
Feb. 13th = 4 miles / Indoor Trainer
Feb. 14th = 3.1 miles / Outside run
Feb. 15th = 15 miles / Outside Single Speed
Feb. 16th = 4 miles / Indoor Trainer
Feb. 17th = 6 miles / Morning Indoors on Trainer. Renee - Joined me on her eliptical

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A New Month!

Jan. 26th = 5 miles Monday blues...on the trainer
Jan. 27th = 8 miles / Trainer
Jan. 28th = 4 miles / Trainer
Jan. 29th = 4 miles / Trainer
Jan. 30th = 3 miles / Trainer
Jan. 31st = 10 miles / Trainer
Feb. 1st = 4.5 miles / Outside Run

Monday, January 26, 2009

Day By Day!

The temps continue to be brutal. I can bundle up, but when its in the single digits...wow its tough to get motivated to get outside.

Jan. 19th = 6 Miles / Indoor Trainer
Jan. 20th = 8 Miles / Indoor Trainer
Jan. 21st = 3.1 Miles / Outside Run
Jan. 22nd = 4 Miles / Indoor Trainer
Jan. 23rd = 4 Miles / Indoor Trainer
Jan. 24th = 12 Miles / Indoor Trainer
Jan. 25th = 4 Miles / Indoor Trainer

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Sunshine!

The sun did peak today a bit but we still had some pretty cold temps. I believe we reached a smoking high of 19 degrees which was about 10 degrees higher the average the temp this past week.

I was only able to spin indoors for a bit. I must say...I need to pick up the training schedule this week and get after a few of my January goals.

Jan. 18th = 6.5 miles / Indoor Trainer

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Getting Caught Up!

The last few days have been nothing but indoor trainer rides. The brutal cold temps have settled in and are here to stay for awhile.

Jan. 14th = 5 miles / Indoor trainer
Jan. 15th = 5 miles / Indoor trainer
Jan. 16th = 5 miles / Indoor trainer
Jan. 17th = 16 miles / Indoor trainer

Still juggin' along!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Running Stairs!

A few pals and I got the engery built up today to run indoors at the local ice arena. Its a small stadium with stairs...lots of stairs. We ran for about 30mins. Not a sprint workout but my HR was maxed.

Jan. 13th = 2.5 miles / Indoor Running-Stairs

Monday, January 12, 2009

On The Twelfth Day Of Training...

my true love gave to me. Sore legs, sore abs, and sore arms!

Off we go onto another day. Today I had a chance to spin on the bike for awhile. I had to change my workout heavy day around this week. I got the old road bike mounted on trainer, but need to get my pedals on. Right now I doing the ol' sneaker platforms...not the same workout!

I also was able to do my weight work out tonight and push-up program...OUUUUCH!

Jan. 12th = 12 miles / Indoor trainer